You have logged in to a password protected page. Congratulations!

I found the directions for creating a password protected page on the Getting Tricky With Wikis site. Follow her directions that I have pasted below to password protect one of your pages. Be sure to check out her wiki, though, as she has an amazing amount of tips and tricks for improving your wiki!

1. Copy the code below and paste it into the embed widget under the 'other html' tab. This should be done at the top of the page you want password protected.
<SCRIPT language="JavaScript">
var password;
var pass1="password";
password=prompt('Enter Password',' ');
if (password==pass1)
  alert('Correct. Click OK to enter.');
2. Where you see the word 'password' on this line
var pass1="password";
change to your own password.
3. The script above will take you back to wikispaces title page if the password is incorrect - just change the url on the line that begins 'window.location' to the page you want the incorrect attempt to go to.
4. Save.
5. A pop up window will appear on the page that will require a password before proceding. See example here. Type in the password - hello - into the box when requested.